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Summer UK Boarding School Family Tour

A 14-day trip to major UK cities and landmarks including London, Oxford, Edinburgh, Lake District etc. Take this golden opportunity to visit 14 reputable boarding schools and start preparing your children's future education path.

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謝謝你們給予我的幫助,讓我找到適合自己的學校,讓我有了一個更好的學習環境,不知道為甚麼你們總是可以在需要你們的時候給予我最好的幫助與建議。Lucton School的同學和老師都很友善,學校菜色很多樣,當然因為自身英文水平不好的原因,剛開始有些不適應。後來在老師和同學的幫助下,逐漸適應了環境,每天都過得很開心!
Hi Professor Ho, we must say thank you again for your big help, for without which, Andy would not be able to come to what he has today!
Dear Professor Ho, I am writing to thank you for all your help in planning my educational journey in the UK. It started with attending Merchiston Castle School at the age of 14. With your guidance and assistance, I was able to quickly adapt to the new environment. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Merchiston and have many fond memories of my time there.

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